Our Programs

To implement our goals of empowering, connecting, and inspiring Afghan youth through reading, Book Cottage hosts a variety of different programs both in Kabul and the U.S. These programs include hosting speakers, story time with school children and street children, open discussions, and book drives.

story hour

Story Hour at Book Cottage

Each Friday from 2-3:30 pm, children (age 3-13) gather at Book Cottage for story time. Since children’s personalities are developed and shaped in young ages, thus, through this program, we are determined to help them to think critically, build their capacity and foster their creativity for being better members of society as grown up individuals.

Hosting Open Mics

Every other Thursday from 2-4pm , Book Cottage hosts Open Mics to bring the community together through literature, art and music. This program helps to bring Afghan youth together to learn about each other, share their creativity, and gain understanding of other perspectives and above all be respectful of them.

Partnering with local Schools for StoryTime

We are thrilled to be working with Dana school in Kabul, Afghanistan. We host reading sessions for the students and engage them in reading comprehension and critical thinking.

Going beyond the Classroom

We have partnered with Afghan Peace Volunteers to read for children who work on the street. It has been a joy to introduce the concept of reading for pleasure to them and connect them to something beyond just what is familiar to them.


Hosting Speakers

We have hosted speakers, such as the Afghan poet and writer, Reza Mohammadi. Mr. Mohammadi was engaged with the audience about how we could be keen and critical readers.

Fostering Discussion

As a collective community, we host open discussions about how we can improve reading culture among Afghans. The participants often have the opportunity to share the latest book(s) that they have read or even exchange them with one another.

Book Drives

We have done book drives in the United States and in Afghanistan. The United States Embassy in Kabul has helped Book Cottage ship books to Kabul in the past. We have also received dozens of donated books from Afghans as well!