Book Cottage in the Media


Afghanistan: Civility And Consciousness vs. Tyranny And Discrimination

Lauren C. Anderson features Mahsheed’s conception of and vision for Book Cottage in a 2016 Huffington Post (now “HuffPost”) article.


'When I get tired of it all, I escape into poetry': Book Clubs Bloom in Afghanistan

Stefanie Glinski highlights various different book clubs in Kabul, including Book Cottage in her 2019 The Guardian article.


Mahsheed Mahjor: Fight with reading circles for a peaceful Afghanistan

Anna Reuss presents a profile on Mahsheed and Book Cottage’s mission in a 2019 Süddeutsche Zeitung article


#GuardiansofHope: Book Cottage

Rumi Consultancy features a 2019 interview with Mahsheed, where she highlights Book Cottage in its mission to promote reading culture in Afghanistan via its programs such as Story Hour and Youth Party.