Books are doors to other worlds

I read because…. Books are doors to other worlds. Every time I open a front cover, I can nearly hear the hinges creak open to a new adventure, whether it be a mystery novel, classic literature, exciting sci-fi, or history book. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge of far away places, people, and cultures. Though life has put me on a path away from traveling directly to those things, having the ability to read and learn about them through the pages of books is an indescribable gift. Seeing the world through others’ eyes has opened my mind to other opinions, experiences, and feelings of which I otherwise would be remiss without. Ultimately, I read because, in books, I have found the dearest of friends, had the most exciting adventures, experienced incandescent happiness, and learned the most humbling lessons.

~ An Avid Book Cottage Supporter

Susanne Boss