I read because...

I read, because reading improves my imagination, helps me to empathize, be kind and understanding. Reading empowers me to critically think, question my own perspectives and of others and be respectful of them; and when bothersome, address them in a un-harmful manner.

One of my favorite childhood memories is reading with a flashlight under my blanket after bedtime. My father always would come and tell me to go to bed because it is bad for my eyes. I was in 5th grade.

Like many of my generation, I did not grow up with bedtime stories, but I was lucky that I grew up in a household with books, and supportive parents that have always encouraged reading, writing and learning, and expanding our world beyond what we experienced in our everyday lives around us.

Reading makes my world more exciting and eventful, and my inquisitive personality loves it!

Unfortunately, today our world is often filled with troubling news and some politics that makes it harder to connect with the rest of the world in a meaningful way. Therefore, I believe that reading and critically thinking about what we read will help us to be impactful members of the society and create peaceful communities!

With hope,


Susanne Boss