Meet the Team!


The Book Cottage Team is thrilled to embark on this journey to foster education and global understanding among children and youth in Afghanistan. 



Mahsheed is a proud graduate of Muhlenberg College, class of 2017. She supervises Book Cottage’s work in Kabul, Afghanistan to ensure its fullest impact. Like many Afghans, Mahsheed has not grown up with bedtime stories but hopes to help the next generation to change that. When you see Mahsheed, ask her about what she is reading, a new terminology that she has learned recently, allyship or a new song/music piece that she has discovered on a random playlist!



Arissa graduated from Muhlenberg College, where she studied International Relations and Sustainability. Based in the United States, Arissa helps out with media, fundraising and programmatic brainstorming for Book Cottage. Arissa is passionate about exploring innovative ways in which Book Cottage can use the power of books to create sustainable and systemic positive behavior change in Afghanistan. She is constantly questioning the status quo. At a dinner party you will most likely hear her discussing themes surrounding yoga, music and the best places to dance!


Our Student Leaders in Afghanistan

Marzia Rezaei.jpg


Marzia studies Journalism at the University of Kabul. She joined Book Cottage because she wants to take part in bringing change in lives of children and youth in Afghanistan. Marzia finds Book Cottage really resourceful and enjoys its calm environment.



Alia is currently a student at American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). She enjoys writing and considers to be an author herself. She started to volunteer with Book Cottage because of the resources that it provides, as well as its invaluable efforts to spread reading culture among Afghans.

Mahtab Jalal.jpg


Mahtab is a junior at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). She loves reading and is happy to volunteer for Book Cottage because it provides her with the opportunity to actively participate in making a difference in her community.



A recent high school graduate in Kabul, Afghanistan, Atifa volunteers with Book Cottage because she wants to take part in the important mission of promoting reading culture in Afghanistan. She believes that Book Cottage’s programs have a huge impact on building self-confidence and becoming better members of the society. And she values the fact that Book Cottage has focused on children! 



Nazanin has recently graduated from a high school in Kabul, Afghanistan. She enjoys volunteering with Book Cottage because Book Cottage, through its ‘Story Hour’ program, offers what she missed out on during in her childhood. She is pleased to see the creative ways that Book Cottage engages the children, and she loves to be a part of that!


A special thank you to Paul Corgan, Tahmina Saleem, and Talia Seidenfeld for their beautiful artistry and editorial support!

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